Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I just got these spikes in and I'M OBSESSED. I love bright colors, neon colors, femme colors, but I think my favorite will always be that everything black look with spikes and studs. My closet is full of black clothing and a lot of my shoes and shirts have spikes and studs on it.
Products Used:
To buy the studs click here.
To buy the spikes click here.

And don't forget to use my code GYL91 for 10% off! I get asked where I get my nail art supplies all the time and the answer is BornPrettyStore.

After the matte top coat dried I applied nail art glue on my nail then I used tweezers to pick up the studs from the base to place them on my nail.

I love matte nails and these spikes are just the right size. I've seen bigger ones but I like them small. I have so many ideas for looks with spikes so sorry in advance!


  1. So awesome!! I love spikes and studs +.+

    1. Thank you so much :) And me too they're definitely my favorite to work with