Thursday, July 18, 2013


Sorry I've been MIA, life has gotten so busy and it won't slow down.

Here I have some swatched from a brand new collection from Freak Show Polish! These glitter bombs are amazing. You don't have to go fishing for any of the glitter and it comes on smooth.

TIP: When I apply glitter top coat I apply thin coats and let each coat dry before I add another one. Here I used three coats of glitter for each mani.

"Tightrope Tutu"

This is layered over Essie's "Cascade Cool" and these two polishes compliment each other so perfectly. Tightrope Tutu has silver, blue, and pink glitter dots and big pink square glitter pieces which I love. I've never seen that before and it adds something new.

"Corde Lisse"

This is Corde Lisse layered over Essie's "Bikini So Teeny" and it's a perfect summer mani. It has different shades of tiny blue glitter circles, strings of white glitter, and rectangular white glitter. Another first in my collections. It's so pretty.

All these glitters can be worn by themselves as well. They have a jelly base to it so it'd be a little sheer but still wearable by itself.

Click here to purchase "Corde Lisse" and "Tightrope Tutu" and to check out the rest of the amazing collection!

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