Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today I have three nail looks using Super Black Lacquers by Natalie Dee. Natalie Dee is also one of the authors of NatalieDee comics! Here's one of their many comics

Her nail polish line, Super Black Lacquers, is amaazing. The polish is perfection and the colors are so unique and beautiful.

This first one is "Plip." This is three thin coats. Application was easy and no clean up was needed. I added INM "Out the Door" top coat over it. I love the teal color and the added glitter. Click here to purchase it.
This second look is "Weird Girl" with "Blitz" on my accent nail. "Weird Girl" is 50 shades of gray (just kidding!) but it's a cloudy gray with a red/purple sheer hue to it. It's different and unique and still a really cool color. Blitz is a black polish with silver holographic glitter so of course I love it. Click here to purchase "Weird Girl" and click here to purchase "Blitz." I used three coats for each.

This third look is "Dusted." I did three coats and this is SO AMAZING and sooo hard to capture it's beauty in a 2D picture. It's a blue/green/purple polish depending on what kind of light and angle you have your fingers at. But it's beauuutiful. Click here to purchase Dusted.

I only did three thin coats of all polishes because I'm OCD and I always do three coats but you can easily wear these polishes with two full coats.

Make sure to check out Super Black Lacquers for more beautiful polishes! Especially her holographic polishes, they're to diiie for.

And please excuse my pointer and middle finger, I broke my nails in Vegas and I refuse to cut my nails short again. Stiletto nails were SO much easier to maintain.

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