Friday, September 20, 2013


I am a Halloween FANATIC so I'm really excited to share this fall collection from Candied Lustre, an amazing 3 free nail lacquer!

This first polish is "TheBewitching Hour ." This is probably my second favorite. I applied it over one coat of OPI's "Black Onyx." It is jam packed with fine glitter and it includes red and pink glitter hexes and holographic silver and yellow moon shaped glitters. I lovvve it and it definitely reminds me of Halloween.

This second polish is "Summer Memories" and it's such a pretty blue. This is three coats on it's own. It's a sheer shimery blue with fine yellow glitter and yellow hexes. Sucha a pretty polish and perfect for the end of summer. And totally reminds me "Summertime Sadness" by Lana Del Rey haha, in a good way.

This third polish is "Sheer Decadence." I applied it over a pink which is Colur Gossip's "Fashionista". "Sheer Decadence" is a shimerry orangy polish with flakes and it's AMAZING. It's so beautiful and the name is perfect for it.

This final polish is "Autumn" and it's my favorite. If I could paint my future daughter's room with a nail polish I'd paint it with this. This is three coats on its own. It's a sheery peach/coral color with yellow blue and orange glitter.

All of these polishes were so easy to apply and you didn't have to go fishing for the glitter besides the moons in "Bewitching Hour."

Click here to go to Candie's Lustre's Etsy to purchase them and make sure to check out her instagram @CandiedLustre_nails

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