Sunday, September 28, 2014


I'm so in love with this look! It's perfect for a special event, especially a Birthday or Vegas trip! It's also perfect for glitter lovers (aka me).


  1. I started with my base coat then put two coats of white polish, my favorite white is OPI's "Put A Coat On" from HB Beauty Bar (Use my code MODNAILS for 15% off!).
  2. Once the white is dry I did the gradient using a makeup sponge while putting tape around my finger nails for easier cleanup.
  3. Both glitters I used are Julie G polishes available at Rite Aid stores or Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. Turquoise is "Rock Candy" and pink is "Crushed Candy"
  4. I sponged the gradient on four times and then added Seche Vite top coat from HB Beauty Bar.
This look is so quick and easy. 

Clean up tip: I mentioned in Step 2 that I put scotch tape around my finger nails before I sponged on the gradient to make cleanup WAY easier. Glitter is so hard to remove off your skin so the tape definitely helped a lot.
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  1. This gradient is beautiful, and those polishes are gorgeous! Thank you for those wonderful pics!

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