Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I had searched far and wide on the internet for mirrored false nails and couldn't find a reliable source so I had given up. Last week I go to my local Dollar Tree to get fake flowers and LO AND BEHOLD I FOUND THESE BEAUTIES: Metallic gold false tips so shiny you can use them as a mirror (seriously though you can see my phone case in every single picture). 

They were sold out in silver but I got one in gold and pink. I went back yesterday to buy more but they were sold out :( Once I find them again I'll be doing a flash giveaway!

This is what they looked like when I bought them. They were really long so once I applied them to my nail I filed them down to the same size as my natural nails.

Steps to apply false tips:
And you're finished!


  1. nails were nice and now I get a good nail art ideas, thanks

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