My Nail Care

I'm not a licensed professional but this is my own personal nail care.

I used to use Nail Magic Nail Conditioner / hardener but my nails would still chip on the side. I switched over to one coat of OPI's "Nail Envy" and one coat of Essie's "Grow Stronger." I use that as my base coat before every manicure or even when I decide not to wear polish.

Quick video of my full nail care which I do once a week.

Base coats I use:
  • OPI's "Nail Envy"
  • Essie's "Millionails"
I used to use Essie's "Grow Stronger" which works perfectly fine it was just sold out when I went to get a new one haha. But Millionails works just as good!

I moisturize my cuticles every single day if not my cuticles get really dry and I start getting hang nails.

As for how I remove my polish (all you need is one cotton ball!) here you go :)

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